Anne Scott Sørensen, Ole Martin Høystad, Erling Bjurström and Halvard Vike: Nye kulturstudier - En innføring, Oslo: Spartacus Forlag AS/Scandinavian Academic Press, 2008


  • Gösta Arvastson Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala University, Sweden





Nye kulturstudier [New Cultural Studies] is the first introduction to cultural studies in Scandinavia and an impressive presentation of the subject. The book aims to explain how cultural studies emerged as an interdisciplinary field in humanities and social sciences. Other introductions to cultural research in ethnology and anthropology have been produced – but this one is different, since it is more comprehensive and ambitious.

Nye kulturstudier is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration between four colleagues from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Senior lecturer Anne Scott Sørensen and Professor Ole Martin Høystad are affiliated to the Institute for Literature, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. Professor Erling Bjurström belongs to Tema Q at Linköping University, and Professor Halvard Vike works at the Institute for Social Anthropology at Oslo University. The authors comment that they are oriented towards different subjects and educational programmes at their respective universities.

The book begins with a background to the theories and scientific traditions. This is followed by Cultural Analysis and Methodology, a chapter on Identity, Globalisation and Multiculturalism, one on Taste, Lifestyle and Consumption and, finally, by Nature, Body and Experience Landscapes.